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Steve Sykes​, 12 November 2020

Steve SykesSteve Sykes here. Yep, still here, which for this year, is a pretty big achievement.

How are you? How are your energy levels? Do you still have that drive and passion? Still ready to go that extra mile for your customers? How is your resilience?

I thought I would be on the floor in the foetal position by now. Run over by a never-ending tide of bad news both here and abroad. I go up and down like a yo-yo. Yet here I am talking to you with unbridled optimism about what lies ahead. The human spirit is pretty amazing isn’t it.

Why am I so upbeat?

The Pandemic has been a time to hit the reset button for SER. It’s given us time to focus on development instead of transaction-based issues.

What does this means for you?

1. SER staff working in our newly formed Hubs – but more on that later – where engagement is heightened as is ownership of an issue or a deal. We think you’ll love the outcomes you get.
2. Payouts will finally be automated. This is huge. Finance Oxygen allows you to go online and get a payout on your client for this month, the next month and the one after that. Three payouts so that you can plan your way forward with certainty. All online – currently about 83% of the time – how good is that!
3. By January, we will have changed our collection system to Jim2. Why – because that’s what the print industry uses. We expect this will help us both deliver all sorts of efficiencies, to each other, that were previously not possible.
4. We have analysed our portfolios. Did you know that we collect and manage portfolios valuing $180m. We wrote a long and detailed “discussion paper” on everything SER and put it out to the non-bank finance market and have had amazing responses from these additional funding sources. This can only lead to good things for you, and for us too.

A mate once said to me “Syksey – in life you don’t get anything until you get tortured first”.
Well, we have all been tortured. Let’s hope he is right!

Steve Sykes
Managing Director, S.E. Rentals
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