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SER have designed and developed a suite of products and tools to make you, the equipment vendor, more effective and efficient in all aspects of the equipment finance selling cycle. Everything we do is to help you sell more equipment.

We have spent the past 25 years listening to our vendors – Sales Reps and Managers, CEO’s, CFO’s, Business Owners and Admin Staff and this has culminated in the design and development of our unique SiCO App and SER Portal.


SER Sales Aid Finance

Sales Aid Finance is designed to enhance a sales offer. It helps you, the vendor, make a sale because the offer is more attractive by virtue of the finance solution.

In other words, the customer wins because the vendor and financier have collaborated to create an offer perfectly suited to the equipment being sold.

A good finance offering will be easy for the customer to access and will be able to handle add-ons and variations to suit any changes to the customer’s circumstances in the future.

Additionally, finance offered will not affect any banking arrangements the customer may have, which means equipment can be acquired for use, without any effect on gearing ratios, etc

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SER Multiple Funders

SER offers unprecedented Multiple Funders flexibility. Whilst we source wholesale funds from worldwide finance markets, we also have developed several local finance companies and banks who underwrite our portfolio’s.

With so many funding options our approval ratios are unbelievably high so virtually any type of transaction can be accommodated.

This means that when your customer signs a SER agreement we will have at least eight different funding sources to choose from, all of whom accept the same SER documentation.

We develop enormous flexibility in product development to meet the demands of cloud-based funding, as a service offerings, 100% software transactions and a wide range of Managed Service and Cost Per Seat type plans.

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SER Client Base Control

Client based control or “Stickiness” is the word of the moment and perfectly describes the outcome you are after – you want your arrangement with your customer to be sticky, or as hard to dislodge as possible.

The ability to upgrade and develop long-term relationships between you and your customer must be preserved. To do so, you need to document what happens upon expiry of the finance term, to ensure you know what rights you hold, and what the financier can and cannot do. Secondly, you need to be able to access information on your portfolio to manage your portfolio.

We will document all these areas with you to provide certainty, and it addition, our software SiCO will provide all portfolio information to you, from cradle to grave. This ensures control for you, which will also result in better options for you, and your client, as well as building the value of your business. In other words, stickiness!

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SER Invisibles

Invisibles are the things you as an equipment finance vendor need to be told by your finance partner – but sadly – are mostly kept secret or invisible from you – for their profit and your loss.

Our view is that if we are to be your trusted equipment finance partner, then it falls upon us to take you through all of the exposures that you and your end user may face, if they are not addressed up-front.

By definition, something invisible is something you cannot see. In vendor finance, an ‘invisible’ is something that the financier may not necessarily want you to see. There is a huge difference.

SER does everything it can to make ‘the invisibles in vendor equipment finance visible. Talk to us for a clear view of all that is invisible!

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Finance Oxygen

Finance Oxygen by SER.
It's a game changer


• Faster Processing
• Mistake Free
• Faster Payments


Oxygen Sales reduces the time it takes sales people to onboard new and existing clients, by reducing the time to provide a quote, generate finance documents, obtain approval and settle a transaction.

Oxygen Manager provides management with unparalleled reporting tools for maximum portfolio management as well as instant access to sales activity in relation to finance.

Oxygen Billing allows admin teams to provide a one document, one bill solution that enables variable billings for service related usage-based programs.

Finally, Finance Oxygen can be programmed to provide you with reports each day, week, month or year on any aspect of your finance portfolio – automatically!

Finance Oxygen by SER.
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