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SER is committed to people – it’s own as well as those in need.

uganda-cerebral-palsy1This is why we have forged links with specific African communities and are very proud to support a boys’ orphanage in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. By supporting the orphanage, we feel we are working for a greater cause – where excellence in finance enables us to do our bit for some kids who have challenges that most of us will never have to endure.

In 2010 Steve and Jo Sykes visited Uganda and arrived home realising they had seen things they just couldn’t ignore. People were suffering badly. They made the decision to help give them a chance to make a better life.

They started helping, with money, support and love. The results were heart-warming. Using these three ingredients, they have been able to give help and a chance to people who literally had no chance – hence the charity ChanCes was born.

The first recipients were 15 street kids living in atrocious conditions, in what could loosely be described as an orphanage in the slums of Kampala. Aged from 6 to 15 these kids were untrusting, haunted and held no hope for their future. We found a beautiful orphanage outside of Kampala surrounded by greenery, which we funded and relocated the boys to.

The transformation has been amazing. These kids have lost that haunted look; that untrusting look that says that no one can be trusted; that this is too good to be true. Instead, these expressions have been replaced by openness, friendship, love and hope. Their smiles say it all. They are kids again!

Chances-charity-boysWe know money helps and is what has made it happen; but continually going back to see them, listening to them, helping them and loving them has been the real key. We know these boys now have a future that can be anything they want it to be. They now have ChanCes.

SER is the main sponsor of the Charity. We see this as our reason for being and because of this, we have committed to pay for all administrative costs so that every dollar raised, goes to exactly where it should go – to give people with no chance – a ChanCe.

You can join us in our journey too. This is a ChanCe for you to help people who need it and you can ‘champion’ the programs we support.

All it takes is a little money and plenty of love.

We guarantee you will enjoy the experience.


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