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Michael Calagis, 2 November 2017

My job at SER is to run the Deal Processing team at SER, and it is with great pride that I can say that year to date, we are running at a 98.8% finance approval ratio! Our focus is on ensuring our vendors increase their business and sales by getting those tougher deals approved, and thus, a high approval ratio means great things for vendors.

In 2017 we managed to hit 98.8% from our already high ratio of 97.8%. This means that if you cannot get a finance deal approved with us…. well, you have been very unlucky. And I can promise you that we have done everything possible to get a “yes” for you. But it also means that most of time (98.8% in fact), you will have a smile on your face.

Deals over $100k have gone from a 93.3% approval ratio in 2016, to 97.6% in 2017, which greatly helped the percentage.

This finance approval ratio is great for all of us, as our people take their role very seriously and feel a part of your sales process. Especially on the bigger deals that mean so much to you. Given that SER is in a business that says – please give us your business – and can then have to reject that business – it is great for our relationship with you – as the news is nearly always positive; i.e. smiles all round.

Several initiatives at SER are helping us achieve this:

  1. Increased investment by SER in people. We have employed 5 new staff into our finance application/deal processing division since the start of the year. Most of these new personnel have years of finance experience which means they have hit the ground running.
  2. Continuous improvement in current employees. SER has invested heavily in internal and external training mechanisms. SER’s senior team leaders have increased their team training, while external coaches have been allocated to improve the team’s efficiency.
  3. SER has invested in a robust training schedule for all staff, which formulated as SICO Uni in January 2017.
  4. Working with our 7 funders to obtain better approvals and more flexible matrixes.

Finally, it is the boss’s fanatical insistence that SER always remains a “Hubris Free Zone”. In language we can all understand, it simply means that we never take our vendors for granted. That we treat every deal as critically important, and do all within our power, to get it done.

What this means for our vendors:

  1. SER’s proven high finance approval ratio gives vendors peace of mind that for almost 99 deals out of 100, SER will be able to secure you an approval for your client.
  2. If SER cannot get it approved, no-one can.
  3. SER’s flexibility around financials, guarantees, and documentation requirements.
  4. More than anything it shows that when you sign an SER document with your client SER won’t leave a stone unturned in trying to get the deal approved.

Michael Calagis
National Credit Manager, S.E. Rentals
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