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The SER Community helping to support Chances Charity in Uganda

Steve Sykes, 24 March 2021

With so much going on in the world it is important to share some positivity that you all in the wider SER community are contributing to. As you know SER’s charity, ChanCes, run by Jo Sykes, supports the Ugandan Community in Africa by trying to break the cycle of poverty through education.

Here is a common scenario for ChanCes in Uganda –
At a small school in the west of Uganda, we found just 210 students schooling in mud classrooms infected with insects. We worked slowly over 3 years to build new classrooms, toilet blocks, dormitories, etc, where student enrolment increased by 300% and by 2018 this project was well and truly on its way to self-sustainability. During COVID the Ugandan government closed schools for almost 2 years. However today, post COVID Jo received the following email:

1. 54 candidates 29 female and 25 male have been fully registered for P.L.E. Exams 2022!
2. 810 children is the current enrolment.
3. We are now raising some money to begin the UNEB HALL this term so as to enable our candidates sit PLE Exams at school.

Thank you Jo and ChanCes Charity

The SER community including Staff, Vendors and Funders all contribute to this important work in breaking this poverty cycle. Every deal that SER settles the funders contribute a donation. All funds raised go towards the education of these children to give not just them the chance to break out of poverty but to help bring their wider family with them.

With COVID and the downturn in business for us, this has meant funding for ChanCes has taken a hit which means that the number of children we can educate over the past two years has reduced.

We are looking forward to 2022, back to settling deals as per normal so we can all contribute to making a difference to these children and families in Uganda.

While every deal you settle with SER already contributes to ChanCes if you would like to contribute more please contact Jo Sykes on

For more information on ChanCes and the impact it is making please go to ChanCes Charity

ChanCes Charity
Give a Chance. Make a Change.

Steve Sykes
Managing Director, S.E. Rentals
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