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SER’s SiCO App: User Feedback

Craig Paull, 22 February 2017

Luke Ingold, Cashpoint Payment Solutions.

Luke Ingold, Senior Regional Account Manager, Cashpoint Payment Solutions.

Since launching SER’s SiCO App v2 late last year, our customers have benefited from quicker and easier finance application times. Luke Ingold, Senior Regional Account Manager for Cashpoint Payment Solutions has just started using SER’s SiCO App v2 and provided this feedback to us.

Cashpoint Payment Solutions Specialises in ATM and Cash Dispensing Technology with a national fleet of ATMs and are Australia’s largest provider of under-the-counter EFT cash dispensing solutions. Their business equipment offers fast, secure, convenient cash dispensing within venues.

“I’ve used SER’s SiCO App v2 and traditional paper equipment finance applications previously and found the process even easier on the new App,” said Ingold. “It’s a nice tidy format and best of all you don’t have to use a pen to scribble on the paperwork.”

Phone and Tablet make it easy on the road

Luke notes that he used the App on one occasion to lodge a finance application from his car on a Friday, emailed it to his customer on the road and said he will be in there in a few hours’ time to pick up the signed document. A fast approval was crucial, as he had to be ready for a follow-up meeting he had after the weekend on the Monday. Also, there was no need to have blank paper copies of documents on hand, just his phone or tablet. The paperwork was all ready for his Monday meeting which simplified the whole process.

“SiCO App v2 is the perfect tool for people like me who are on the road a lot. The finance application was done on the spot, while supplementary documentation like Driver’s Licences can be scanned in and sent when I’m back at the office – If there’s one step missing it’s this one, and I’m so pleased to hear that SER will be adding this feature soon,  but other than that it’s made business a lot quicker and easier.”


“I would definitely recommend SER’s finance application SiCO App to anyone in a similar role. I’ve told all the boys about it as it is so easy to use and accessible when you’re on the road.”

Craig Paull
Senior NSW Account Manager, S.E. Rentals

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