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SER AT ITEX 2018 – DAY 2
Digital Transformation and Data Security

Dave Leabeater & David McQueen, 18 May 2018

David McQueen
and I are attending ITEX 2018 in Las Vegas. The theme of this year’s event is OWN THE OFFICE, PIECE BY PIECE

Day 2 focused on Digital Transformation and Data Security. Following are our summaries and thoughts from Day 2.

We will be back in the office next week and look forward to discussing what we have learnt with you in greater detail.
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Day 2 continued a theme on Digital Transformation and how the IT part of a business is no longer viewed as a back office, or cost frustration, but more of a key element in providing a competitive advantage through various digital platforms. Businesses must adapt to the ever evolving marketplace, as disruptions will occur in all industry types, and while the impact may not be to the extent of Airbnb or Uber, change will be necessary to remain relevant. We heard from one Managed Services provider who includes copiers for free in their service offering!!

So there is now an opportunity to expand the conversation we are having with our clients. How can we become more of a trusted advisor to them, and provide related services to their business? Do we need to source partners to provide expertise in areas we are lacking? We must listen more to our clients pain points and provide solutions.

These conversations can be difficult. There is a cost to clients and ROI figures can be difficult to provide. However, the efficiency gains, support networks and security are easier selling points, not forgetting the monthly recurring revenue streams for your business.

David McQueen
Senior VIC Account Manager, S.E. Rentals
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Data security is a global hot topic at present as we have seen some renowned corporates and tech companies suffer data breaches, which attract hefty regulator penalties. In February 2018 the Australian government released its mandate regulating Notifiable Data Breaches (NDP) scheme. read more

For a Managed Services Provider this type of regulation creates opportunity for ‘Must Have’ Security protection audit with your client base. The statistics here in the US indicate that businesses with less than 1,000 employees has a 90% likelihood of having a data breach costing more than $216,000 USD ($288,000 AUD). With statistics like that it’s no surprise the Global Cybercrime market has estimated value at $450B.

So how do you capitalise on a slice of that $450B and why?
According to the panel of experts in this area, the simplest entry point is to provide Patch Management. Patch management is an area of systems management that involves acquiring, testing, and installing multiple patches (code changes) to an administered computer system.

Managed Security Services are the highest margin managed services offering (Fred Voccola, CEO, Kaseya, Connect 2018).

However, to provide adequate security levels there is no single protect all solution. Robust security is best provided in layers across the network and multiple end. This approach has become increasingly more critical as our mobile device and mobile workforce has grown. Having the expertise in all required security layers is a challenge and like other elements of expanding Managed Service offerings, the optimal approach here is again to Partner or Co-Manage on some if not all security services.

Developing Cybersecurity talent internally seems to be the most adopted strategy as there seems to be a constant shortage of affordable, qualified cybersecurity techs. Aiding MSP’s to provide enhanced security without adding complexity and overheads training can be sourced for low cost from the likes of Cybrary

The security piece doesn’t end there. If your Managed Services growth offering is through capitalising on Cloud services, it is critical that your Cloud Service Provider carries the certifications and regulatory compliance surrounding Data Security for your region. However the boundaries here, are no longer defined by borders:
GDRP: General Data Protection Regulations. read more
HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability & Accountability ACT. read more

Whatever Services you choose to grow with; understand your service, then match your SLA to support it.

1. Time combined with patience
2. Invest in staff
3. Use IT, Learn IT, Sell IT


Key points:
1. Essential to continuously assess security levels and systems health
2. 26% of organisations that were breached by ransomware and/or a virus have taken no action to remediate and prevent another breach
3. Most breaches are caused in order of:
a. Malware
b. Patch Vulnerability
c. Network Security and in particular wireless networks
4. 21% of all businesses were a minimum of 6 months behind in their Vulnerability Patches
5. Caution – Some Apps from app stores have embedded crypto-mining viruses. Recently the Google Play store had 19 Apps with these. Questions that customers should be asking:
a. What has my Managed Service Provider (MSP) provided in the past six months?
b. If I renew with my MSP, what is their plan for the next 6-12 months?
c. Can my MSP show you how they have made you more secure?
d. What’s the current state of my Patching?
6. Of over 8000+ customer sites (over 500,000 users) showed a score of 76% of Firewalls were setup, leaving 24% vulnerable to attack or breach.
7. A good Recovery Strategy (Backups) is critical.

Dave Leabeater
National Sales Manager, S.E. Rentals
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