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Nothing defines good finance better than meeting your customer’s needs.

Andrew Palmer, 4 August 2015

A recent post from MSP Mentor about Managed Services caught our eye and we’re expanding on it for two reasons:

  1. Our clients in the Managed Services (or thinking of offering a Managed Services solution) will find this post informative
  2. The overall theme shapes how we approach finance – to support your business.

Here’s part of what MSP Mentor had to say about Managed Services and meeting customer’s needs:

From a customer perspective, the term ‘managed services’ is largely irrelevant. Telling a customer you offer managed services is far less effective than explaining how your services can support their business goals, address their pain points, and put them on the path to higher profitability. The point of IT (or any hardware), after all, is to support the business – and that should be the focus of the MSP’s message.

Successful MSPs achieve their success by listening to customers and delivering the solutions that help them run their businesses more efficiently. So if a client is running out of storage, has no business continuity plans or can’t effectively run patch management because its environment runs too many disparate systems and platform versions, an MSP can effectively address each of those needs by delivering the right service.

To the client, it doesn’t matter that the MSP’s patch management is a ‘managed service.’ What matters is the provider is managing the function consistently and reliably, without interrupting the users. It spares the client from what can become a fairly complicated task if handled manually.

‘Finance’ is a very generic term. Even our ‘Sales Aid Finance’ and ‘Vendor Equipment Finance’ terms don’t really offer clients a clear idea on what solution we offer. It is only once we demonstrate the benefits of a strong, flexible finance offer that will help clients sell more to their customers that they take notice and realise the benefit of what we offer.

In addition a Managed Services offering does not need to be IT. Your Managed Services Solution can be for Print, Software, Communications or it could be for Audio Visual, Communications and Point of Sale. A Managed Services Offering is all about having multiple solutions for a customer and being able to capture those solutions on one flexible document with the customer getting one bill per month for everything.

If you are offering a Managed Services solution, or even thinking about it and tossing up whether to invest in this direction, Click through and read more of this article we’ve shared a part of. Essentially, your solution should operate like a Downtown Abbey butler – the household runs smoothly and any issues are handled in the basement, ensuring the house is fully functional with exceptional service supplied to the occupants. If you do need a bit of encouragement about making the leap, our recent posts show that there’s never been a better time to act now and enter the market.

Andrew Palmer
General Manager, S.E. Rentals
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