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Steve Sykes​, 31 July 2019

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I promise not to show-off or big note myself.

I have been in the one industry, i.e. Small Ticket Sales Aid Finance for Equipment Vendors – for almost all my working life, and since I’m pretty old, that is a long time – 35 years.

During that time, I have always been restless and wanting to shake the trees and do things ….. differently – better. It’s hard to be that person in the conservative world of finance, but if that is who you are, then that is who you are!

My company, SER has grown over the years (we now have 35 staff) to the point where I could actually invest enough capital to do things differently – better. The result is a software platform called Finance Oxygen. Now whilst I said I wouldn’t show off, I still reckon that Finance Oxygen is the only system I can find anywhere, that has been built 100% for the industry we inhabit. It has been built to help an equipment vendor sell more equipment, by being faster, better and more accurate. It is all about them and the people who support them, eg sales manager, admin team, owner etc.

It took three years to build and we aren’t finished yet, but wow, has it been worth it. For me, as a personal achievement, it has been huge to actually change the landscape we operate in, for the better. To actually raise the bar and expect more and to get it has been enormously satisfying for me and our team.

It hasn’t come easily and many great people have given this everything they have got, but we did it!

So after all these years in this one tiny industry, I feel like all that experience has been channelled into something pretty cool. It’s not a legacy, it is just the start.

Apart from being pretty pumped about what we have done, I love the fact that SER runs a registered charity, Chances Charity Foundation which is headed by my wife Jo. It does great things for the children of Uganda and South Sudan and is supported by most of our funding panel.

Other than work, I am a passionate golfer, I still support the Mighty North Sydney Bears and I love travelling the world with Jo. Plus my three kids have me wrapped around their fingers.

So I hope you now know a little more about me. Our websites or should fill in any gaps.

Again thanks for taking the time

Steve Sykes
Managing Director, S.E. Rentals
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