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S.E. Rentals’ SiCO App v2 Demonstration

Craig Paull, 7 June 2017

Discover how easy to use SiCO App v2 is and how it improves finance deal approval times.


SiCO App v2 provides greater functionality to users, improves the speed of finance transactions, and boosts confidence in our, and our clients’ financial procedures.

A vast improvement in design and functionality that builds on its predecessor, SiCO App v2, adds new functionality by generating finance documents using 8 simple steps and streamlining SER’s procedures. This ultimately benefits our clients and their customers, by delivering quicker approvals and improved communication.

SiCO App v2 uses the data our clients enter and creates a file that assists in processing applications in less time, increasing benefits and user experience for both the SER staff and our clients. SER clients using SiCO App v2 essentially jump the queue, with the App creating finance documents and submitting for pre-approval.

SER processes the applications received via the App prior to document signing and provides the customer with an approval subject to conditions. Our clients are receiving a conditional approval 90% of the time (pending signed documentation) prior to meeting with their customers. This process delivers security and confidence at end-user meetings, allowing our clients to close deals more frequently and rapidly.

The document generation feature available in SiCO App v2 increases end-user confidence in our clients, with SER providing a correctly completed agreement for signing by the end-user. Having such an agreement ready to be signed reduces our clients’ return trips to their customers in order to rectify paperwork issues. By reducing return visits to the customer, our clients avoid creating uncertainty and order cancellations with their customers.

Since launching SiCO App v2, we have noted the following business efficiencies:

  • 100% increase in accuracy of information captured on the rental agreements
  • 300% improvement for onboarding process at SER
  • 20% decrease in turnaround time for approvals
  • Transaction sizes have been between $10-20K. $20K is our average size transaction size via SiCO App v2.

Craig Paull
Senior NSW Account Manager, S.E. Rentals

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