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Finance Oxygen Optimises your Sales Opportunities

Craig Paull, 23 November 2021

Finance Oxygen provides salespeople, management and administrators visibility to every deal in the system resulting in faster turnaround times, pipeline efficiency, delivery of commission payments and improved cashflow. As well as faster approval and settlement turnaround times.

A high number of sales opportunities begin with payout requests, and Finance Oxygen ensures both speed and accuracy are met with instant automated payout responses, providing immediate data to analyse when upgrades are financially beneficial for the customer resulting in reduced proposal turnaround times and improved closing rates.

Finance Oxygen has all the information you need to stay on top of your client database. See your contracts, start dates, expiry dates, client contact details as well as expiry reports. Finance Oxygen can be accessed through any device of your choice: tablet, mobile or desktop, which allows management and sales teams 24/7 access to the latest finance contracts. No more unnecessary downtime searching for copies of contracts and data.

Finally, our research indicates that sellers utilising the Finance Oxygen features have far greater awareness around approval requirements. This significantly reduces unnecessary rework and avoids customer frustration, resulting in a speedier and smoother transition to settlement for all parties.

To learn more about how Finance Oxygen can help to optimise your sales opportunities as well as other great features and benefits, please watch the following video and call SER for a full demonstration,

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Craig Paull
Senior NSW Account Manager, S.E. Rentals
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