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Finance Oxygen helps you Optimise your time & exceed your Customers’ Expectations

Nancy Mowad, 14 December 2021

We consistently hear from our Vendors that their customers’ demands and requirements are ever increasing, and therefore time is critical.

How does Finance Oxygen help you optimise your time and exceed your Customers’ expectations?

1. Secure finance approvals within seconds when you use Finance Oxygen due to the auto approval feature. This allows you to move forward with confidence knowing your deal is already approved.

2. Enhances your visibility on settlements. When using Finance Oxygen you can see what is outstanding on a deal and therefore how far away your payments are.

3. Sales and Admin staff get mistake free auto generated documentation through Finance Oxygen. Documents are correct 100% of the time meaning there is no rework in relation to paperwork resulting in faster settlement payments.

4. Admin staff, Directors, and Management teams get real-time visibility with Finance Oxygen as it shows where current pipeline is up to and what is still outstanding for settlement.

5. Available 24 hours a day Finance Oxygen can secure an approval, auto generate documents, upload invoices and delivery acknowledgements for settlement any time of the day or night.

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Nancy Mowad
Head of Team, Talent and Culture, S.E. Rentals
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