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Steve Sykes, 17 May 2016

BTAS, held last week in Sydney, was again an eye-opener for our team members. We had an opportunity to learn from local and international speakers and present our SER Portal for the first time publicly.

This year’s BTAS theme was ‘Continue the Journey’ and the overall feel of the two days was ‘innovation’, whether it be what you sell, how you sell it, or where you are enhancing your margins from. Everyone at BTAS was looking to change or innovate something in their business to enhance their value to their customers.

To summarise this year’s conference, I’ve listed some of the key points I picked up over the two days. Andrew and Michael also share their key points below.

Steve Sykes:

  • Software defines everything
  • Focus on a particular customer segment – pick one ‘killer’ solution
  • Technology gap is shrinking between Enterprise, mid markets and SMEs
  • Need to keep looking to develop vertical markets
  • The SER Portal could be described as a Unified Billing Solution

Andrew Palmer:

  • Commentary on the Per Seat model from West McDonald of Print Audit was interesting. He put forward a compelling argument to make sure you have this as a selling option.
  • Cross the Chasm…… Keynote from Paul Wiefels was also interesting. I know with the developments of the SER Portal and the Managed Services Plan getting these new models out there and Crossing the Chasm with our vendors can be challenging.
  • Larry Levine’s presentation on The New Sales Playbook was excellent. How to enhance LinkedIn was a real highlight, there are some very simple changes to make LinkedIn working for you.

Michael Poole:

  • Giving customers what they ask for (and delivering above expectations) is simple business and good fun (Steve Morris)
  • Build Social Selling Skills and a Killer Profile, then just add Great Daily Habits. Utilise 1st level LinkedIn connections to reach CFOs (or similar) within 2nd level connections and groups (Larry Levine)
  • Build an attention-grabbing succinct proposal covering ‘What is it?’, ‘What does it do?’, ‘What does it mean?’ and ‘Why Should I care?’ (Paul Wiefels).

You can follow the Twitter conversations here.

Steve Sykes
Managing Director, S.E. Rentals
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