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As A Service: ACT NOW to Secure the Future

Andrew Palmer, 27 May 2015

SER Andrew PalmerFor those who were not able to attend Steve Sykes’ BTAS presentation on Finance as a Service, I thought I would do a quick blog on one of Steve’s key takeaway points: START NOW.

We all know our market is changing. Equipment is being commoditised, costs per pages are getting hammered, service revenues are under stress. We also know that the only real way to solve this is to diversify into a wider range of products and services to increase your solution to your customer.

Heard it all before? Of course you have!

I’d also dare say that you are journeying down this path in some form or another and gaining access to these new solutions.

Regardless of what stage you are at, even if you’re still at the initial planning stages as an organisation, you should be positioning your client NOW so that when you do have a new solution to sell to your client, you have them on a document that can cater for any solution.

An interesting article published recently shows funding for organisations providing Software As A Service (SaaS) rose 70% in 2014 in the US, demonstrating the amount of investment being made into these companies.

The future will be all about selling everything on an ‘as a service’ basis. The great news is that for a really long time we have been selling on this basis and our customers have being buying from us in the exact same way.

The trick is going to be evolving into a wider product and services range to help distinguish you from your competitors. This is not easy.

However as mentioned above, one action that you can make NOW is to start securing your customers on a Managed Services Plan that will be able to adapt and cater for your developing solutions as your bring them on board via a simple variation.

The key is to get your customer used to buying via a Managed Services Plan. Once that is done, what you can sell them on it is endless.

So wherever you are on the road to a Managed Services Option, why not take this one small step NOW – start using a Managed Services Plan NOW. You will be glad you did.

Andrew Palmer
General Manager, S.E. Rentals
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