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4 Benefits of introducing a Managed Service Solution Agreement

Steve Sykes, 24 November 2015

4-benefits-of-introducing-a-managed-service-solution-agreement-350-pxIt’s no easy task to morph into a Managed Services provider, however to change your organisation’s habits, the first (and easiest) step is to start use a Managed Service Solution Agreement with clients instead of what you have always offered such as a Rental Agreement, Lease to Own Agreement, or a Managed Print Plan.

To ensure maximum benefit, your sales team is instructed to use a Managed Service Solution agreement. Each and every time they meet with current and prospective clients. Think about it. All you have done is change the form that your sales people use to close the sale, yet the ripple effect is huge.

Benefits of offering a Managed Service Solution agreement:

  1. Your sales team will know that you are serious about the need for change

  2. Your sales people will have to learn how to discuss the Managed Service Solution which automatically morphs the discussion with your customer into the wider solution that you can offer

  3. It sets up an expectation from your customer that there is more to your company than they had pictured

  4. Finally, when you do go back and sell something else, it is simply a Variation or Add-on to the existing Managed Services Plan as previously discussed with your customer.

The simple change of finance paperwork you present has generated some interesting possibilities and changed the view your customer has of you. They start looking at you as someone who can do more – and the Managed Service Solution is tangible proof that you can – and are expecting to do more – for them.

Finally, you have created a fertile environment for your sales people to go back and sell more, using the Managed Service Agreement as the basis of future discussions.

Steve Sykes
Managing Director, S.E. Rentals
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